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Wait, what does The Power Lunch Project do?

The Power Lunch Project matches you up with professionals who want to network with you! We schedule you with a small group of two other networkers to get together over lunch and network! (No, we are NOT a dating service!)

How much does it cost?

Membership to The Power Lunch Project is $20 per month for 2-3 networking lunches per month. (You will meet about 4-7 new people to network with each month!) (You pay for your own lunch!)

What kinds of professionals will I meet?

Generally, the professionals you meet through TPLP are excited about networking, meeting new people, and understand the importance of building strong business relationships. They are willing to add the right people to their own circle of contacts and make referrals when appropriate.

TPLP accepts professionals in all sorts of business categories and select individuals in transition, however, at this time, we DO NOT accept individuals who are involved in MLM companies.

How many professionals will I meet and network with each month?

At this time, we are setting up our members with 2-3 lunches per month, typically with 2 other professionals, for a total of 4-6 new professionals per month, minimum. If your schedule allows for more networking lunch sessions, please let us know!

Only 4 people? Couldn't I meet more people by going to a networking event?

Of course! But when it comes to building REAL business networking, TPLP believes in quality over quantity when building strong business relationships! Meeting over lunch, in small groups, as opposed to a large room of many professionals, is a great way to really great way to begin a business relationship.

Obviously, you are not going to want to network further with some of the people you meet, nor will everyone you meet want to network with you (or maybe they will!), and that's ok! Our goal is to help you find professionals with whom you can form symbiotic business relationships!

When will I know who I am networking with?

Upon acceptance of your application and completion of the 15 minute intro phone call with one of TPLP networking staff, you will receive your networking lunch schedule as well as information about each of your networking lunch partners, within a few days. Thereafter, you will receive a schedule of lunch networking sessions at the beginning of each month, for as long as you are a member.

Who pays for lunch?

Each networker is expected to pay for his or her own lunch costs.

Why do I need to set up a phone conference with TPLP staff before getting down to business?

We want to speak with you to explain to you what we expect, what you can expect, as well as give you the opportunity to ask us your own questions! It is really only 15 minutes of your time - it will go by quickly - we promise!

What if I can't make it to a lunch that TPLP has set up for me?

Please let us know as soon as possible by emailing us at Let us know your name and date of your networking session, and let us know when you are available to reschedule. We will let your lunch networking partner know, and try our best to reschedule you at a more convenient time.

How long should the networking lunch last?

Your lunch with your networking partners should last between 45 and 60 minutes.

Why can't I see the TPLP members and pick who I want to network with myself?

Our members' privacy is very important and we do not publish any of their information online. Because we base our matches based on networking potential, NOT sales potential, we feel it is best that the TPLP staff makes the matches, that way, no one feels as though they are going to a sales call, instead of a networking session.